Department of Urdu

Department of Urdu


The Department of Urdu was established in 1945. It is the one of the important languages Department of this college. Since its inception the Department has played an important role in establishing relevant specialization such as inter-disciplinary courses like Hindi, Marathi and English etc. The academic curriculum of advance courses is supplemented by numerous seminars on comparative literature, inter-cultural hermeneutics, linguistics, translation, philosophy and aesthetics etc.

At present Urdu was offered as compulsory and optional subject at Under Graduate level. This department has provided with 100% result each year.

Aims & Objectives:

To motivate the students for post graduate studies, to impart quality education at all levels of teaching i.e. language, literature, cultural studies and research. A comprehensive syllabus, which we follow, has an inter-disciplinary and inter-cultural which makes the students competent to pursue research in the field of inter-cultural studies which is a requirement in this era of globalization.

To generate interest in Urdu language & literature at higher levels of learning through the following activities:

Conducting under graduate teaching effectively.

Supervising and identifying new areas of research & conducting independent research through various research projects.

Organizing seminars, conferences, workshops, symposia, Mushaira & Musical Programmes.

Publishing research monographs, bibliographies & scholarly books.

Conducting visiting lectures for students by eminent Urdu scholars.

The Dept. of Urdu is well equipped with computer, InPage Urdu software, internet and other facilities essential for generating interest in teaching and learning process. The students are given opportunity to use InPage Urdu software and collect data regarding Urdu language and literature from Internet.

The department has its own library. It has 1000 books on Literature, Criticism, Literary history; and journals. The Library transaction is managed by the students of the Department. These text books and reference books are used extensively by students. Dozens of new books are added to the library collection every year.

Programmes Offered

B.A. Urdu (3 Unit), Urdu Compulsory


Urdu Poetry and Fiction

Annual Report of Past Academic Year

Book Release Function ( 22nd February 2014, title of the book : Rang-o-Ahang)

Celebration of Urdu Day (3rd March 2015)

Book Release Function ( 3rd March 2015, title of the book : Parinde To Musafir Hain)

Celebration of International Literary Day (8th September 2015)

Special lecture on “Urdu Aur Qaumi Yakjheti” by Dr. Abdul Rahim Nashtar on 27th February 2016.

Celebration of Urdu Day (3rd March 2016)

Organized Ghazal Competition at college level.

Special lecture on “Jadeed Urdu Ghazal” by Rafique Wasta on 3rd December 2016.

Special lecture on “Urdu Journalism” by Nadeem Siddiqui on 25th February 2017.

Celebration of Urdu Day (3rd March 2017)

Special lecture on “Urdu Ki Shairy ASnaaf” by Dr. Seema Nahid on 14th November 2017

Organized International Seminar titled “Kokan Mein Urdu: Samt-o-Raftar” on 10th February 2018

Celebration of Urdu Day (11th March 2018)

Mr. Mohd. Danish Gani
Mr. Mohd. Danish Gani
Ass. Pro. & HOD
M.A. (Urdu), NET (Urdu), M.Lib.Sc. , Ph.D & Research Scholar Topic of…
 Dr. Mohd. Danish Gani

Designation: Associate Professor & Head of the Department

Publications Details:


“Sair Ke Parde Mein (Research and Critical Essays)” ABS Publications, Varanasi; 2018; ISBN: 978-93-86077-77-0

“Kokan Mein Urdu: Samt-o-Raftar (Research Papers)” Asbaque Publications, Pune; 2018; ISBN: 978-93-80395-46-3

 “Parinde To Musafir Hain (Abdul Raheem Nashtar Ki Nazmon Ka Intekhab)”, Asbaque Publications, Pune; 2015; ISBN: 978-93-80395-27-2

 “Rang-o-Aahang (Critical Essays)” Kitab Publications, Goregaon – Raigarh; 2014; ISBN: 975-93-83183-33-3

Chapters / Paper in Edited Books:
“Sahir Shiwee Ki Shairy” published in book “Sahra Ki Dhoop”, by Dr. Sahir Shiwee, Modern Publishing House, New Delhi, 2018; p. 143; ISBN: 978-81-8042-145-7

“Aikkisvee Sadi Mein Ismat Cgughtai Ka Maqam” published in book “Aikkisvee Sadi Mein Urdu Fiction”, by Dr. Subhani Uzma Tasneem, Azam Education Trust, Pune, 2018; p. 117; ISBN: 978-93-83777-3-7

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Paper – UGC’s Approved Journals:
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“Iqbal Salik Ka Pehla Qadam” (Critical Analysis) published in Kokan Ki Awaz (Weekly), Mahad: 13th March to 19th March 2015; p. 3

Honors and Award:
“Asbaque Adbi Award” from Asbaque Publications, Pune 2018

“Mohebb-e-Alfaz Award” from VMMRD Educational Society Kamptee, Nagpur for 2017

“Shikshan Seva Purskar (Award for Service To Education)” from the Govt. of Maharashtra for 2016

Special Award on book, title “Parinde To Musafir Hain” from Bihar Urdu Academy Patna for 2015-16.

“Baburao Joshi Granth Ratan Award” from Gogate Jogalekar College, Ratnagiri for 2014-15.

“Best Teacher Volunteer Award” from Dept. of Lifelong Learning & Extension, Gogate Jogalekar College Ratnagiri for 2014-15