Our Founders

Adv. J. V. Alias Baburav Joshi

A lawyer by profession and native of Devrukh (Dist. Ratnagiri), Shri Baburav Joshi was inspired by the thoughts of Bharatratna Maharshi Dhondo Keshav Karve. He opened a school for girls in Ratnagiri in 1925 and started Gogate College of Arts and Science in 1945. He was the longest serving secretary of Ratnagiri Education Society.
Adv. J.V. alias Baburav Joshi
Mrs. Malatibai Joshi

Mrs. Malatibai Joshi

Graduated from Pune under the guidance of Maharshi Dhondo Keshav Karve, Mrs. Malatibai helped her husband in his work for educational development of Konkan. She was known as “Wife-Friend-Secretary” of Mr. Baburav. She taught in Mahila Vidyalay and was honored as the best teacher by the President of India.

Our Inspiration

Adv. N.V. Alias Aruappa Joshi

Adv. N.V.alias Aruappa Joshi was a past student of the college. Despite being a Professional Consultant he devoted a long span of his life for the development of Gogate Jogalekar College. Under his leadership a lot of new courses were introduced. He passed away as acting chairman.
Adv. N.V.alias Aruappa Joshi
Principal Shevade

Principal Shevade

Principal Shevade served as the First Principal of the college form June 1945 to June 1950. He was a well learned person in that time. Being an M.Sc. in 1945 he had a number of better opportunities. Still he chose Ratnagiri, a remote and backward area, and led the college with all his vision and efficiency.