Women Development Cell

Women Developement Cell

Motto of the Women Development Cell of our college:

Educate, Enlighten, Empower

To empower girl students and to make them self-reliant

The Women’s Development Cell (WDC) was a statutory body for the prevention of and action against sexual harassment of women. The main objective of WDC was to look into the grievances of teaching staff, non-teaching staff and students, especially in cases of gender discrimination.
The formation of a college level Women Development Cell was made mandatory by the University of Mumbai after the Vishaka Judgment in the year 2001. In compliance with this mandate of the University, the Women Development Cell of Gogate Jogalekar College was established in the year 2005. From 2017, separate Internal Complaints Committee has been established for prevention of and action against sexual harassment of women at workplace. Now the main role of Women Development Cell is to promote general well-being of girl students and teaching and non teaching women staff of Gogate Jogalekar College.
As per 2011 census of Maharashtra, Kokan region, in particular Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg district shows healthy sex ratio with 1123 and 1037 females per thousand males respectively. This has been well reflected in girl-student strength of our college. Hence, role of our women development cell has become crucial. The cell is working with the following objectives.

To promote general well-being of female students and teaching and non teaching women staff of Gogate Jogalekar College.
To create awareness about health and hygiene among girl students.
To create social awareness about the problems of women in general and gender discrimination in particular by means of programs like lectures, workshops and seminars.
To develop skills among the girl students by means of workshops and training programmes for their overall personality development as well as for the encouragement of self-reliance among them.
To create legal awareness among women by informing about Women Welfare Laws.
To encourage participation of NGOs working in the area of women’s development in the activities of the Cell.

Sr.No. Name Post Department
1 Dr.Mrs.Aparna M. Kulkarni Convenor Chemistry
2 Mrs. Uma Joshi Member Mathematics
3 Ms.Rashmi Bhave Member Biotechnology
4 Ms.Gauri Karambelkar Member Physics
5 Mrs.Ashwini Devsthali Member BMS
6 Mrs.Harshada Patwardhan Member Commerce
7 Ms.Meenal Khandke Member Acco. & Fin.
8 Mr. Sachin Sangare Member Sociology
9 Mrs.Beena Kalambate Member Psychology

The College has two separate buildings, old and new, where lectures and practical are conducted. In either building a separate room has been given to girl students. These rooms are equipped with the necessary infrastructure like first aid box, vending machine, cupboards, chairs, books & CDs related to issues of Women, charts, collage works, etc. made by the girl students of the college and members of the cell. Suggestion box is kept in the ladies room to receive complaints and suggestions related to the needs of girl students. Separate notice board for WDC displays the articles written by girl students and special issues related with girl students. One separate room is kept reserved for counseling of girl students.

Year Activity Date of Event& Number of participants Resource person /Conductor
2014-15 Campaign against pornographic presentation of women 27th July to 8 August 2014 Women development cell in association with ‘MahilaPatanjaliYogsamiti, Ratnagiri
Establishment of student safety committee 9th August, 2014 Women Development Cell in coordination with Ratnagiri district police department
Wallpaper inauguration 15 August 2014 Women development cell
Lecture on self-defence and practical 12th September, 2014
35 girl student participated
Mr.Suraj Bane
Honour of Single girl child 16th September, 201450 Single girl child felicitated Women development cell
Suggestion competition for students regarding facilities required by girl students for women empowerment 2nd December, 2014 Women development cell
Establishment of Grievances settlement body 6th December, 2014 Women development cell
Yogathom suryanamaskar 14th December, 2014
100 students participated
Women development cell
2015-16 Wallpaper inauguration Subject: Zero figure 15 August 2015 Women development cell
Counselling of female students of first year regarding health,rules regulation &infra-structure 18 August 2015 All FY students of each faculty Women development cell
Lecture on ‘Gender Equality ’for S.Y.B.A. 27 September 2015
92 students
Prof. Shivaraj Ukarande
Posters, Photography, poetries exhibition regarding Gender Equality Sensitization 22 December 2015 ,
100 students
Women development cell
Lecture and discussion on subject Gender Equality Sensitization 8 March 2015 ,
150 students
Surekha Pathare,
Astha Foundation
Street Play ‘Mulagizaliho’ presented at
A. K. Junior college, Ratnagiri
Godbole Vidyamandir, Kelye
Gogate Jogalekar college, Ratnagiri
S.B. Keer law College, Ratnagiri
Arts, Commerce, Science college, Lanja
August to January
13 Aug 2015
3 Oct 2015
23 Dec 2015
22 Jan 2016
25 Jan 2016
F.Y.B.A. students
2016-17 Wallpaper inauguration 15/08/2016 Women development cell
Dialogue to youth Counselling of female students of first year regarding health,rules regulation &infra-structure 18/08/2016
500 students
Women development cell
Street Play , Gender Equality Awakening 8/12/2016 NSS students
Counselling about ‘Sahjeevanachi Purvtayari’ 21/01/17 ,
54 students
Mrs.Vandana Karambelkar
Skill Development Workshops Four one day workshops
Herbal Cosmetics
Bio-data, Interview Preparation
Murals and Paper Flower S.B.Keer law College,Ratnagiri
Non Gas Cooking
11/02/2017 ,
91 girl students
Dr.Sonali Kadam
Mrs.Anuja Gharpure
Sexual Harassment: Prohibition and Redresses 27/02/17 ,
100 girl students
Mrs.Beena Kalambate
Women Day Program 8/03/17 Women development cell
2017-18 Publication of ‘Apan Saryazani’ wallpaper 15th August 2017
Counselling regarding gender sensitivity 27 August to 31st August 2017

Approx 700

Dr. Nidhi Patwardhan

Prof. Beena Kalambate

Dr. Chitra Goswami

Prof. Sachin Sangare

Dr. Yasmeen Awate

Prof. Harshada Patwardhan

Prof. Minal Khandake

Prof. Ashwini Deosthali

Prof. Uma Joshi

Prof. Vivek Bhide

Dr. M. G. Gore

Dr. Aparna Kulkarni

‘The Professionalism workshop for youth’ one day workshop for girl students 8 september 2017

59 girl students

Workshop conducted under CPE Grant.

Asmita Neve and Dr. Kasturi Naik – the trainers from Asmita Image Consultancy
value education lecture 18th September 2017.

180 students

Ratnagiri Police Department
Street plays for gender equality awakening. 28 & 29 Sept. 2017

Approx 700

NSS students
Cake and Chocolate making training 7th October, 2017

Workshop conducted under CPE Grant.

20 students

Ms. Chaitali Kulkarni
Gender Sensitization workshop ‘Tarunaichi Avane’ 9th to 11th Jan 2018.


Workshop conducted under CPE Grant.

Pradnya Manas Sanshodhika, Dnyanprabodhini , Pune
Workshop on the issue of ‘Declining Child Sex Ratios’ 24 February 2018.

100 students

in association with Sociology dept. and Krantijyoti Savitribai Phule Women Studies Centre
Leadership training Mr. Ravindra Sathe,
Executive Director,
Rambhau Mhalagi Prabodhini
One day seminar on ‘Women Empowerment’ 3rd March 2018

155 students

WDC in association with Internal Complaints Committee and Maharashtra State Commission for Women

Women Development Cell of Gogate Jogalekar College participated in district level competition of Department of Higher and Technical Education, Maharashtra Govt. -2014 “Jagar Janiwancha” and won 1st Prize of Amount Rs 100000/- on 20th August, 2014. The amount is used for “women study centre” in library of college.

Prof. Seema Kadam presented research paper at national conference, ‘women entrepreneurship: one important footstep’ on 6th& 7th October, 2014.
Prof Madhura Athawale and Prof Shilpa Gonabare participated in a state level conference on 20th December, 2014.
Prof Yasmin Aowte & Prof Nidhi Patwardhan participated in a national conference on 9th& 10th January 2015.
Dr. Aparna Kulkarni and Prof. Beena Kalambate attended one day workshop on Internal Complaints Committee on August 2017 organized by Maharashtra State Commission for Women
Received 50,000/- grant from Maharashtra State Commission for Women for organizing one day seminar ‘Women Empowerment’ on 3rd March 2018