National Service Scheme(NSS)

Brief History

Foundation: 24th September,1969.
Run by- Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports (Central Govt.) 2500 colleges and 2,80,000 volunteers in our state


The educational goal of the NSS implies that besides gaining understanding of concepts like community, social structure, power conflict, etc. occurring in real life situations, students should acquire competence in the field of programme planning. Shouldering the responsibilities, participation in cooperative task and promotional work in the community.

The service goal of the NSS also calls educational approach in solving community problems. Its purpose is to help the community to recognize its needs and to assist in the mobilization of resources to meet these needs.


Chief objective:
Personality development through social service

Understand the community in which they work.
Understand themselves in relation to their community.
Identify the needs and problems of the community and involve them in problem solving process.
Develop among themselves a sense of social and civic responsibility.
Utilise their knowledge in finding practical solutions to individual and community problems.
Develop competence required for group living and sharing of responsibilities.
Gain skills in mobilizing community participation.
Acquire leadership qualities and democratic attitude.
Develop capacity to meet emergencies and natural disasters.
Practice national integration and social harmony.



Swachha Bharat Abhiyan/Shramadan
Notebook/Notepad Making

Save Electricity
School Cooperation

Male Female Non-NSS NSS(MOU) Teachers Total
33 115 15 15 03 183

Work Done During the Camp

Swachha Nirul Abhiyan
Sports activities
Cultural programmes
Street plays/ Awareness rallies (Cleanliness),
Making bunds(07)

Eye Check–up camp (76 persons)
Mahila Melava
School Cooperation
Help in Survey of Drop outs from school

Lectures / Workshops arranged During Special Camp

Jalayukta Shivar– Dr. Surendra Thakurdesai
Save Electricity- Shri.Bhide Vivek
Cyber Crime– Shri Koli, PSI
Digital India– IT Dept. Gogate Jogalekar College

Workshop on Street pla – Dr. Atul Pitre
Disaster Mgmt. Workshop– Shri. A.S.Yadav
Laws about Women- Adv. Sandhya Sukhatankar
Agro-Tourism- Field Visit Shri Uday Bane


Sr. No No of Volunteers Participated Date / Period of Programme Nature of Programme Organiser / Venue of the Programme
Male Female Total
01 02 02 25/5/2015 to 03/06/15 Avhan / state level SNDT, Mumbai
02 02 02 04 08 August to 12 August 2015 LTP Anjanari, Lanja College
03 02 02 20 August 2015 NRD / SRD District Level Khare Dhere College, Guhagar
04 02 02 20 August 2015 Utkarsh District Level Khare Dhere College, Guhagar
05 02 01 03 23/24 August 2015 Disaster Management Workshop Pachal College District
06 08 07 15 1st to 7th November 2015 Residential Camp Quepen, Goa
07 02 02 04 14 to 20 January 2016 District Level Camp Bharane, Khed
08 05 05 10 24 to 30th January 2016 District Level Camp Rampur, Patpanhale College
09 02 02 31st January to 1st February 2016 District Level Workshop Indira Pharmacy, Deorukh
10 01 01 23 January 2016 Utkarsh Uni. Level Vidyanagari, Santakruz
11 01 01 1st February to 4th February 2016 Utkarsh Uni. Level S. B. College, Shahapur, Thane
12 01 01 5th to 7th February 2016 Utkarsh State Level M. Phule Agriculture Uni., Rahuri
13 01 01 13th to 20th February 2016 State Level S. P. College, Pune

Management opportunities availed to the Volunteers

Date Work Institution Number
21/06/2015 International Yog Day R.E.Society 25
14/07/2015 NSS Planning Session G.J.College & NSS,MU 12
01/08/2015 & 02/08/2015 Geeta Rahasya 100th Anniversary Seminar Yashavantrao Chavan Pratisthan ,Mumbai 15
15/08/2015 Swa.Savarkar Singing Competition Swa.Savarkar Pratisthan,Mumbai 07
14th to 22nd September 2015 Police Mitra(Traffic) Police Dept. 09
30/08/2015 Cross Country Marethon Comp. Sports Dept. G.J.College 25
05 to 08 Dec.2015 Interuniversity Female Kabaddi Comp. Sports Dept. G.J.College 25
16/10/2015 Police Mitra Felicitation Ceremony Police Dept. & G.J.College 10
21 to 23 Dec.2015 Zep Management G.J.College 15
18/01/2015 Lecture by Dr. Rajendra Singh Jalchetana & G.J.College 15
29/01/2016 JSW Buldg Inauguration G.J.College 20


First Rank in Blood Donation at district level–2014-2015
Best Vounteer Award – Sheilesh Ghanekar
Participation in Utkarsh at State level: Suraj Jadhav
48 Volunteers’ participation in other camps
More than 70 Volunteers for Mgmt. (average)


Swachha Bharat Abhiyan/Shramadan
Notebook Distribution

Save Electricity
Vyasanmukti Abhiyan

Participation in LTP

Location Male Female Total
Vhel-Lanja 02 02 04

Special Golden Jubilee Camp

Male Female Non NSS Teachers Total
50 100 15 03 168

Work Done during the Camp

Adarsh Gram
Swachha Golap Abhiyan
Sports activity

Cultural programme
Street play(Cleanliness)
Kachara vyavasthapan, Making bunds, Roads

Lectures conducted

Mangal Mohim– Shri. Sutar Babasaheb
Save Electricity- Shri.Bhide Vivek
Kachra vyavsthapan– Dr.Thakurdesai Surendra
Workshop on Street play– Shri. Vasudev Athalye

Mazi Swachhatechi Sankalpana– Dr.Sonali kadam
San Utsav have ka nako?– Debate competition
Story witting on different Words.
Striyanvaril Atyachar samasya,Upay- Dr.Chitra Goswami

Work at a Glance

Blood Bags Collected: 42
Empower women-prog.Rally, vyakhyan, charchasatra.
Saplings Planted:100
Camps Organized: 01
Rallies Organized: 07

AIDS Awareness Programme with Guruprasad Trust
NIC Goa-Nehru Yuva Kendra- 20 volunteers
State level-Chavani campThane-10 volunteers
Thiba Mahotsave-Management- 10 volunteers


Best Unit– 2013-2014
Best P.O. Award– Dr.Chitra Milind Goswami
Special Golden Jubilee Camp
A field visit to Coconut Research Centre by 140 volunteers
Vyasanmukti Abhiyan in collaboration with the Police Department,Ratnagiri District

Date Programme Name & Venue Total Participants
17-18 Jun 2014 Vyasanmukti Abhiyan Workshop– Gogate Jogalekar College 40 Volunteers
19-30 Jun 2014 Street play & Awareness Programme- Ratnagiri, Khed, Dapoli, Chiplun, Guhagar
Total Programmes 182