Department of Psychology

Department of Psychology


Psychology as a subject was previously taught under the Dept. of Philosophy. Then for few years it was under the Dept. of Sociology.

F.Y.B.A. , S.Y.B.A. – JUNE 1947-48
T.Y.B.A. 3 Units – JUNE 2003

Beena Pramod Kalambate
Prof. Beena Pramod Kalambate
Asst. Professor & Head
 M.A. SET  

Psychological testing – IQ, Aptitude, interest, mental health etc.
Counseling – Study Problem, Phobias, Anxiety, Familiar Problems, Stress, Sleep Disorders etc.
Remedial Coaching – through Psychological testing.


F.Y., S.Y. B.A.

T.Y.B.A. III Units

 Subject Papers For B.A.

Class I, II, III, IV, V, VI Semester
F.Y.B.A General Psychology
S.Y.B.A Pr. II Social Psychology
Pr.III Developmental Psychology
T.Y.B.A Pr. IV Psychological Testing & Assessment
V Abnormal Psychology
VI Industrial & Organization of Psychology

Name Organization Special Achievements
Sachin Lad Ojasvi Counseling and Training centre, Mumbai Head – Career guidance & training
Yogesh Kumbhar Film Industry Asstt. Director, Marathi Film, Mumbai
Sampada Dhopatkar Chatrapati Award
Swapnil Kamble Child line Project co-ordinator
Suraj Bhole Police
Mrunal Sawant Counselor, Pune
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