Department Of Computer Science

Department of Computer Science


In year 2000, department started with only B.Sc. Computer Science Course with intake 24.
In year 2003, M.Sc. Computer Science (by papers) was started with intake 12


Total Build-up area of the Department in Sq.m. 188.33

Sr.No. Laboratory/ Preparation Room/Faculty Room etc. Area in Sq.m.
1 Laboratory (Senior lab) 28.50
2 Laboratory (UG lab) 12.05
3 Laboratory (PG lab) 38.81
4 Laboratory (Junior lab) 28.50
5 Staff room 26.96
6 Class room 44.16

 IT Resources


Name Total no of License
Antivirus Software:
Quick heal Secqrite for Windows

Open Sources
C, Python, Mysql, logisim,php,java, netbeans, ubuntu, android, hadoop,
Labs Configuration

Labs / Configuration UG SR PG JR
CPU AMD Athalon Processor Core i3
Core i3
Core i3
HDD 250 GB 250 GB 250 GB 250 GB
Monitor LG TFT LG TFT Samsung AOC LED
Peripherals Logitech Keyboard, Mouse Logitech Keyboard, Mouse Logitech Keyboard, Mouse Logitech Keyboard, Mouse
OS Windows XP Windows 7 Windows 7 Windows 7
Total 20 26 20 20

 Laptop Configurations

Laptop / Configuration Laptop 1 Laptop 2 Laptop 3
Company Name Compaq HP Dell
CPU Intel Pentium Intel Core i3 Core i3
RAM 512 Mb. 2GB 4GB
HDD 40 GB 320 GB 1 TB
Optical Drives DVD Combo DVD Writer DVD Writer
Web Cam None VGA VGA
OS Windows XP SP2 Windows 7 Windows 8.1

 Other equipments

Equipment Name Number of equipments Configuration
LCD Projectors 02 Panasonic ,Dell
Digital camera 01 12 Megapixel , Macro Mode
Printers 06 Inkjet , Laser
Scanners 04 Canon/Hp/Epson
UPS 05 3.5KV, 5 KV(02), 7KV
UPS Batteries 53 Exide/James
Switch 06 D link
Router 01 D link
Internet Connection 01 BSNL
Micro Processor 06 8085
External USB Hard disk 01 1 TB WD.
Raspberry Pi-3
Model –B, kit
10 Raspberry Pi-3,model, case, micro SD card-1Gb,Hdmi To VGA Converter Cable,40pingpio cable,5V power Supply, Ethernet cable
Raspberry Pi,CAMERA MODULE 05
SINGLE 8X8 led matrix module 05

Curricular activity

Phoenix (inhouse software Competirion)
Conducted Remedial / Bridge course
Workshop on software development

Co- Curricular activity

Ethical hacking and cyber forensics workshop cum championship.
Workshop on digital marketing
Moodle workshop for konkan region
Spoken tutorial
Workshop on android
Workshop on Corel Draw
Parent’s meeting

Extra-curricular activity

Felicitation of b.sc. Toppers in konkan region by Dewang mehta foundation trust(dmft) supported by nasscom
“Last lecture” session for TY
Pradhan mantri suraksha bima yojana.
Computer literacy day
Lan gaming
Teacher function and sendoff
Notice board
Parent’s meeting

Social concern

Ek sanvad sanganakashi
Workshop on bio-data and interview preparation under wdc
Lecture series on Cashless Society

Student support facilities- such as departmental library / remedial-bridge courses, e-study material, departmental scholarships, research guidance, etc.
Department contains 91 e-books for UG and PG students.
Department provides digital notes to all UG as well as PG students.

Mrs. Gharpure A. A.
Assi. Prof.
M.Sc. ,MCA
Mrs. Dhamnaskar T. A.
Assi. Prof.
M.Sc. ,MCA
Mr. Sanil Savale
Mr. Sanil C. Savale
Assistant Professor
Mr. Amol Sahastrabuddhe
Mr. Amol S. Sahasrabuddhe
Assistant Professor
Mr. Jogalekar K. G.
Assi. Prof.
M.Sc. ,MCA
Mr. Prashant Londhe
Mr. Prashant D. Londhe
Assistant Professor
M.Sc., MCA
Mrs.Shalaka S.Agre
Assi. Prof.
Mrs. Sanjivani S. Shirke
Assi. Prof.
Non Teaching
Mr. Vinod Rajput
Lab Assistant
Ms. Pooja Parkar
Lab Assistant
Vidya Samiti – Constitution with members
Mrs. A. A. Gharpure Chairman
Mr. K.G. Jogalekar Secretary
Mrs. T. A. Dhamnskar Member
Mr. S. C. Savale Member
Mr. A . S. Sahasrabuddhe Member
Mr. P.D. Londhe Member
Mrs. S. S. Agre Member
Mrs. S. S. Shirke Member
Mr. Amol Khedekar FY Student
Ms. Madhura Bapat SY Student
Mr. Girish Mulye TY Student
Mr. Chetan Gore MSc Student
Mrs. R. A. Sahasrabuddhe Non GJCian member
Name Organization Education
Shreyas Suhas Ranade
Shreyas Suhas Ranade
iOS Develooper,BITWARE (Pune) M.Sc. (Computer Science)
Mr. Firzan Gulam
Mr. Firzan Gulam
Sr Android developer at Ascra technologies M.Sc. (Computer Science)
Mr. Suraj Sokasane
Mr. Suraj Sokasane
Software Engineer at Harbinger Group B.Sc. (Computer Science)
Mr. Hrushikesh Vinayak Sarpotdar
Mr. Hrushikesh Vinayak Sarpotdar
Director at Aaryak Solutions Pvt. Ltd. M.Sc. (Computer Science)
Mr. Prashant Goutam Acharya
Mr. Prashant Goutam Acharya
Director at Aaryak Solutions Pvt. Ltd. M.Sc. (Computer Science)
Mr.Kaustubh Santosh Bhagwat
Mr.Kaustubh Santosh Bhagwat
Drupal Developer B.Sc. (Computer Science)
 Courses offered

Class and Semester Course Nomenclature Type (Optional, Elective, Compulsory, etc)
F.Y.B.Sc. (I and II) Computer Science Compulsory
S.Y.B.Sc.(III and IV) Computer Science Compulsory
T.Y.B.Sc.(V and VI) Computer Science Compulsory


Class and Semester Course Nomenclature Type (Optional, Elective, Compulsory, etc)
M.Sc .I(I and II) Computer Science Compulsory
M.Sc. II (III and IV) Computer Science Compulsory


(Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Courses)
Sr No Competition name Leval Year Category Prize
1 “IMPACT” –Software completion held at MJ College, Jalgaon National 2012,2013,2014,2016 UG And PG General championship
2 “IMPACT” –Software completion held at MJ College, Jalgaon National 2017 UG And PG 3rd prize 2nd prize
3 “QUIZ-IT ” at Navnirman College, Ratnagiri State 2013,2014,2015 UG Gold Medal
4 “QUIZ-IT ” at Navnirman College, Ratnagiri State 2017 UG 1st prize(Typemaster)
5 “Android application Development Competition” at Thakur College, Kandivali State 2014 UG Gold Medal
6 Web Designing Competition at Lanja College. State 2014 UG 3rd prize
7 Power point presentation competition held at BIIT Ratnagiri State 2016 UG 1st prize And 2nd prize
8 Paper presentation competition held at Navnirman College. State 2016 UG 1st prize
9 Typing master Competition State 2017 UG 1st prize
10 Magnesims 2017 Competition State 2017 UG 2nd prize

Programme outcomes, Programme specific outcomes and course outcomes for all Programme offered by the institution are stated and displayed on website and communicated to teachers and students.:

  1. Form strong foundation of Computer science,
  2. Introduce emerging trends to the students in gradual way,
  3. Groom the students for the challenges of ICT industry
  4. Give strong foundation on core Computer Science subjects.
  5. Expose student to emerging trends in a gradual and incremental way.
  6. Prepare student community for the demands of ICT industry.
  7. Offer specialization on a chosen area.
  8. Create research temper among students in the whole process.
Serial No. Course Name Course Outcome
1 F.Y.B.Sc. Human Values and Professional Ethics, Environment and Sustainability
2 S.Y.B.Sc. Skill enhancement in mobile application development, Skill enhancement in web programming
3 T.Y.B.Sc Skill enhancement in Game Programming
4 M.Sc I Skill enhancement in Cloud programming, cyber security, Professional Ethics
5 M.Sc. II Skill enhancement in Cloud programming, cyber security, Professional Ethics