Facility Offered


“Overnight book facility for students on provision of Identity card”

one of the remarkable and innovative library facility for the benefit of student. Students are the core part of any educational institute, every development movement or step must impart the student in total. Considering this fact, library has been providing the overnight book facility for the students of our college. Students has to keep his/her Identity card with library at 5.00 pm and carry any book for overnight study at home and the next day student has to return that book and collect his/her Identity card. This facility has great success and appreciated by many students.

“Departmental Libraries”

library has supported the departments of our college by providing maximum books and periodicals. The overgrowing number of books and shortage of space in library has produced this facility. Students and teachers are benefited with full support of books and periodicals from every end. As per the first law of library science “Books are for use” library is marching toward destination. Heads of the department play very active role to adopt and run departmental library effectively. The departmental books are provided on the recommendation of the principal.

“Thesis section”.

Library has thesis of teachers who work in our college. Necessity is the mother of invention, we often use this term. But, in library have proofs for the inventions and findings in the form of thesis. The innovative, nascent and original work carried out by many of our researchers, students are available in the form of thesis. The most suitable words for this section are of great G. K. Chesterton, he says “Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes form one generation to another”.

“Inter-library loan facility in and around Ratnagiri district”

being the oldest and an academically sound college in the Konkan region, our college library help other upcoming colleges in the region by the way of providing books, periodicals and other needy documents through interlibrary loan basis more than 12 colleges has availed this facility. The needy college has to contact our authority to utilize this facility. The provision is for short term duration up to one year. No permanent basis inter-library loan takes place.

“News paper clipping of college news”.

Library has subscribed to 19 local and state level daily news papers. The any news of our college and the parent society has been collected and organized properly in the library. Every year library prepares news collection. Such type of collection may be used for future development of college. It may be useful for any researcher, thinker, and policy maker as retrospective document. In library terms we call this service as long term reference service. Library has the data collection from 1995 onwards.

“External student / visitor library facility”.

As per Library Services Committees guidelines and regulation library provides external students / visitor membership facility. This is paid and time bound library service for which library.Separate Identity card and borrowers ticket with bar code is provided to the external student / visitors. Two books twice in a week are issued to the user.

“Book Exhibitions”
Need: Famous quotation of Lord Buddha says, “You cannot travel the path until you have become the path itself” to develop and educate students, readers in total, the library plays an important role as the social institution. To attract readers toward books, the book exhibitions are the only solution. Library many times organizes such types of book exhibitions to develop the reading habits of among the user.

“Back volumes of Journals”

Library also holds back volume of the subscribed journals. Journals are the primary sources and carrier of primary information. So, as per the library point of view these documents are most productive, authentic and informative documents to preserve for future generation.

Photostat facility is available. At the present time the charges are 50 paisa per page per copy. Copyrighted material/books will not be photocopied. Library strictly follows copy right act rule of the Government of India.
  • Regular library staff meetings, discussions, action plan and instructions regarding new techniques, schemes in the library to follow. All actions are toward the perfection.
  • “Overnight book facility for students on provision of Identity card”.
  • “Availability of Inter-library loan facility in and around Ratnagiri district”.
  • “News paper clipping of college news”.
  • “External student library facility”.
  • “Book Exhibitions”.
  • “Thesis section / Back volumes of journals”.