Sahyadri Mountaineering Club

Sahyadri Mountaineering Club


This adventurous activity had been established in 2002 with the aim that enthusiastic students can visit some of the remote locations in Western Ghats of Maharashtra state i.e. Sahyadri Ranges, and also can learn to face the raw nature with little facilities. It is itself a sport activity which was previously affiliated with the Department of Sports, University of Mumbai.

This club had produced nos. of students who are currently working professionally in similar adventurous activities at State, National and International Levels. Girish Shirodkar, Dhiraj Patkar, Arvind Navele are some identical examples.

Currently, about 200 students have been enrolled as initial members, and many of them are regularly participating in various activities.

The club tries to visit waterfalls, forts, peaks, caves as well as passes in Sahyadri Ranges. Till the date, the club had organised various camps and treks like Muchkundi River Trek, Sudhagad Trek, Raigad Trek and similar activities have been planned for the upcoming academic year.