Department of Hindi

Department of Hindi

Establishment / mile stones-

B.A. III Unit- 1953
B.A. Entire – 1971
M.A. Paper I/II – 1968
M.A. Entire – 2010

Hindi Research Center for PhD Hindi Student

– Recognition From -January 2018

Research Guide-

Dr. Shahu D. Madhale- From -November 2013
Dr. Chitra M. Goswami- From- August 2015

Department Cabin
Calls room
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Computer -01
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Internet Facility

Shahu D Madhale
Madhale Shahu Dasharath
Assistant Professor
Chitra M Goswami
Goswami Chitra Milind
Assistant Professor
Prof. Krishnat Khandekar
Khandekar Krishnat Ishwara
Assistant Professor
Visiting Faculty
Staff Member
Dr. Sunil M. Chavan
Associate Professor & Head, ACS College Lanja
Staff Member
Dr. Lala Ghorpade
Associate Professor & Head, Kankavli college, Kankavli
Staff Member
Dr. Vidya Shinde
Associate Professor & Head, ICS College Khed.

Programmes Offered:

BA in Hindi
MA in Hindi

Course Offered:

Certificate Course in Journalism


Class Semester Course Code Paper No. Nomenclature
F.Y.B.A. Sem. I UAHINCOM101 Compulsory Hindi
Sem. I UAHIN101 I Ancillary Hindi
Sem. II UAHIN201
S.Y.B.A. Sem. III UAHIN301 II Medieval & Modern Poetry
Sem. IV UAHIN401 Modern Prose
Sem. III UAHIN302 III Functional Hindi
Sem. IV UAHIN402 Mass communication
T.Y.B.A. Sem. V UAHIN501 IV History of Hindi Literature
Sem. VI UAHIN601 History of Modern Hindi Literature
Sem. V UAHIN502 V Post Independence Hindi Literature
Sem. VI UAHIN602
Sem. V UAHIN503 VI Information Technology in Hindi
Sem. VI UAHIN603 Social Media
Sem. V UAHIN504 VII Literary Criticism: Prosody & Rhetorics
Sem. VI UAHIN604
Sem. V UAHIN505 VIII Linguistics: Hindi Language & Grammar
Sem. VI UAHIN605
Sem. V UAHIN506 IX Ideological Background of Modern Hindi Literature
Sem. VI UAHIN606


Class Semester Course Code Paper No. Nomenclature
M.A. Part I UAHIN101 Sem. I I History of Hindi Literature
UAHIN102 Sem. II II History of Hindi Literature (Modern)
UAHIN103 Sem. I III Poetics & Criticism
UAHIN104 Sem. II IV Poetics & Criticism
UAHIN105 Sem. I V Linguistics & Hindi Language
UAHIN106 Sem. II VI Linguistics & Hindi Language
UAHIN107 Sem. I VII Old & Medieval Poetry
UAHIN108 Sem. II VIII Old & Medieval Poetry
M.A. Part II UAHIN109 Sem. III IX Modern Prose
UAHIN110 Sem. III X Modern Poetry
UAHIN111 Sem. III XI Different Perspective
UAHIN112.2 Sem. III XII Special Study-Marathi Snaton ka Hindi Kavya
UAHIN113.2 Sem. III XIII Special Study- Kamleshwar
UAHIN114.2 Sem. IV XIV Comparative Study in Marathi to Hindi Translated Literature
UAHIN115.1 Sem. IV XV Mass communication
UAHIN116 Sem. IV XVI Project Writing

 Other (Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Courses)

Add on Certificate Course- Journalism
Jayu Bhatkar Programme Co-Ordinator, Mumbai Durdarshan
Prashant Sagwekar Hindi Nivedak, Programme Co-Ordinator, Sahara Samay
Ujwala Pangerkar T.V. Programme Co-Ordinator, Sahara Samay
Sartaj Kapadi Actor & Buildor
Swapnali Kamble Child line India Foundation, Ratnagiri
Constitution 2018-19
Chairman Dr. S. D. Madhale
External Member Dr. S. M. Chavan, Associate Professor, ACS College , Lanja
Members Dr. C. M. Goswami
Mr. K. I. Khandekar
Student Representatives Shweta P. Ambre MA I
Vrushali S. Kamble TYBA