Department of Zoology

Department of Zoology



Mile stones:

Zoology as a principal subject for B. Sc. – (1962-1976)
Three units Chemistry and Zoology – (1977-1995)
Three units Botany and Zoology – (1981-1995)
Six units Zoology – (1996)
M. Sc. Zoology by Research – (2001)
Ph. D. in Zoology – (2006)

Class and Semester Course Nomenclature Type (Optional, Elective, Compulsory, etc)
F.Y. Sem I and II Zoology Optional
S.Y. Sem III and IV Zoology Optional
T. Y. Sem V and VI Zoology Elective

M. Sc. By Research in Zoology
Ph. D. in Zoology
Other (Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Courses)
Add-on Course Tissue Culture – Certificate Diploma

Dr. Arvind Samb Kulkarni
Associate Professor and Head
M. Sc. Ph. D.
Dr. Mrs. Madhura Deepak Mukadam
Assistant Professor
M. Sc. B. Ed. SET. Ph. D.
Mr. Ambadas Ramchandra Rodge
Assistant Professor
Mrs. Atika Wakar Rajwadkar
Assistant Professor
M. Sc.
Ms. Kashmira Ravindra Raut
Assistant Professor
M. Sc.
Ms. Mohini Balasaheb Bamne
Assistant Professor
M. Sc. SET
Ms. Vimal Temkar
Assistant Professor
M. Sc.
Mr. Gautam Shinde
Lab Assistant
Mr. Sandesh Dhavale
Lab Attendant
Mr. Sunil Kamble
Lab Attendant
Mr. Hanumant Jadhav
Lab Attendant
Laboratory infrastructure:

Total area in square feet:

Lab I – 31.8 X 21.6 ft
Instrumentation Room – 23.2 X 10.8 ft
Lab II – 30.0 X 31.0 ft
Lab III – 36.2 X 14.2 ft
Lab IV – 24.10 X 15.11 ft (Working Lab for M.Sc. By Research)
Lab V – 24.10 X 15.11 ft
Working Lab for Ph.D. – 24.5 X 7.1 ft + 12.7 X 11.11 ft.
Lab III – 36.2 X 14.2 ft

 List of Instruments

Sr. No. Name Model/make/Brand Cost (in Rs.) Usage
1 Bacteriological Incubator Metzer 17,100/- Microbiological observations
2 Trinocular Research , microscope Metzer , Lobamed 21,000/- , 35,000/- Routine practical work, study of fine structures, cell organelles etc.
3 Spectrophotometer Systronics 27,700/- Measurement of optical density.
4 Colorimeter (4 No.) Erma , Eqiptronics , Eqiptronics , Eqiptronics 15,000/- , 11, 776/- , 11, 776/- , 7,700/- Measurement of optical density.
5 pH meter Eqiptronics 6,700/- To observe pH while preparing of various buffers and reagents, regular practical work.
6 Salinity refractometer MAC 7, 343/- To observe the salinity of water during field work.
7 Centrifuge machine (6 N0.) Remi 24,266/- Regular practical work.
8 Hot plate Lab-lines 3,500/- For heating work during practical.
9 Ultra Sonic cleaner 6850/- For Plankton.
10 Autoclave Model vertical (2 No.) 27, 900/- Sterilization
11 Magnetic stirrer Metzer 3,950/- Regular practical work
12 Electrophoresis apparatus (2 No.) Technosource 21,000/- , 28,500/- Electrophoretic separations.
13 Furnace Metzer 12,500/- Regular practical work
14 Furnace Lab- Hosp 11,301/- Regular practical work
15 Electronics Balance (2 No.) Anamed , K-Roy 30,000/- , 13,455/- Accurate Weighing of Reagents and media
16 Oven Universal Mac 13,000/- Regular practical work
17 Incubator Mac 20,000/- For enzymological study and chick embryological work.
18 Seed germinator Mac 16,900/- Regular practical work
19 Slide projector Doctor 20,000/- Slide presentation
20 Camera Nicon 25,500/- Photography.
21 Binocular Olympus 10,000/- Observation of birds and animals in the field
22 Food processor Reynolds 6,500/- Regular practical work
23 Microwave oven Kenstar 10,000/- Regular practical work
24 Tortion Balance Rajdhani 13,864/- For weighing
25 Flame Photometer Systronics 23,000/- Detection of inorganic ions
26 Electronic water analyzer kit Mac 21,800/- To study water parameters.
27 Water and soil analyzer kit Max 40,982/- To study water and soil parameters.
28 Mini rotary flask shakers 9,900/- Regular practical work.
29 Rotary Microtome Weswox 9,000/- Histological works.
30 Turbidity meter Equiptronics 8,500/- Regular practical work.
31 Digital Camera Nikon 28,000/- Photography.
32 Trinocular Research Microscope with attached digital Camera Zeiss, Germany 2.5 lacs. Routine practical work, study of fine structures, cell organelles etc.,
33 Binocular Stereo Microscope Zeiss, Germany 1.5 lacs. Studying and dissecting large organisms like Drosophila flies, identification of flies of various organisms etc.
34 Digital Bacterial Colony counter Toshiba 10,730/- Bacteriological work.
35 Refrigerator (3 No.) Whirlpool , BPL , Videocon 13,800/- , 17,950/- , 8,130/- Regular practical work.
36 Revolutionary high speed regular Centrifuge Equiptronics 40,700/- Separation of nucleic acids and cell organelle separation.
37 Water Distillation system 32,000/- For distillation of water.
38 Serological water bath Microtech 10,285/- Regular practical work.
39 Compound microscopes (66 No.) Besto , Oskar 1, 32,000/- Regular practical work
Total 12,86,858/-

Extension activities :

Mangrove awareness program, Wetland Conservation

Student Support Facilities :

Departmental library: 300 reference books
E-study material – 150 E-books
Research guidance – M.Sc. By Research and Ph. D. students as well as for Shodhvedh and Avishkar research festivals.

Mr. Rahul Khot

Curator, Natural History collection department, Bombay Natural History Society Of India, Mumbai

Mr. Anant Pande

Wildlife Institute of India, DehraDun
Working as Research personnel for Monitoring Tigers, co-predators, prey and their habitat.
Selected for 28th Indian Scientific Expedition to Antarctica
Ravi Sankaran Fellowship for field Biology

Dr. Vishal Bhave

Scienctis “B” in Bombay Natural History Society Of India. He has outstanding capacity of research in marine biodiversity conservation especially in the field of Nudibranchs.

Ms. Gayatri Harmalkar Birje

Working in Gebbs Healthcare Solution, Hyderabad

Mr. Nikhil Jambhale

Project Officer, Wildlife Research and Conservation Society, Pune.

Vidya Samiti :

Composition President : External member (Dr. Swapnaja Mohite Asso. Prof. Dept. of Fishery Biology, College Of Fisheries, Shirgaon, Ratnagiri)
Vice president: Head of the Department
Members : All the staff members
Student representatives

Mangrove awareness Program is the extension activity of the Department.