Department of Information Technology

Department of Information Technology

Establishment / mile stones

Department of Information Technology offers undergraduate course B.Sc. (I.T) with the intake capacity of 60 started in academic Year 2010-11.


To serve innovative technology and knowledge assets that enables our students to be Global learners.


To enable a globally competitive education that empowers students to achieve academic and personal goals and to become career ready, productive and responsible citizens.


To promote students to use advance technology for learning.
To initiate research attitude related to advance technology in IT.


Total Build-up area of the Department in Sq.ft. 1162

Sr.No. Laboratory/Faculty Room/Preparation Room Area in Sq.ft.
1 Laboratory 602
2 Class Room 310
3 Staff room 250

 Available Resources

Sr.No. Resource Count
1 Computers -Dell Vostro 270s – CPU
Intel core i3 3240 3.40GHz
RAM – 4 GB(46), 8 GB(10)
HDD – 500 GB
OS – Windows 8 Pro
2 Projectors 2
3 Laptops 3
4 Printers
2 Laser Printer,
1 Color Inkjet Printer 1 All in One Laser Printer)
5 LCD TV (52”) 1
6 Micro Processor & Micro Controller kits with 5V power supplies 16
7 Digital Computing and Electronic kits 43
8 UPS for online power supply 4
9 Air Conditioners 5
10 Virtual classroom 1
11 Internet Facility (high-speed (8mbps) internet connection from BSNL) 12 Terminals
12 Departmental library (books, e-books, video lectures CD’s) 200(appx)
13 Intranet site in Lab Network for the students
14 FTP server for sharing data


Department acquired licensed for following software’s:

Operating System: Windows 8

Antivirus Software: Quick heal End Point Security

Application Software: MS OFFICE

SQL Server 2008

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

Oracle 11i Standard



Class Semester Course Code Course Title Type
F.Y.BSc.IT SEM I USIT101 Imperative Programming Core Subject
USIT102 Digital Electronics Core Subject
USIT103 Operating systems Core Subject
USIT104 Discrete Mathematics Core Subject
USIT105 Communication Skills Ability Enhancement Skill Course
SEM II USIT201 Object Oriented Programming Core Subject
USIT202 Microprocessor Architecture Core Subject
USIT203 Web Programming Core Subject
USIT204 Numerical and Statistical methods Core Subject
USIT205 Green Computing Ability Enhancement Skill Course
S.Y.BSc.IT SEM III USIT301 Python Programming Skill Enhancement Course
USIT302 Data Structures Core Subject
USIT303 Computer Networks Core Subject
USIT304 Database Management Systems Core Subject
USIT305 Applied Mathematics Core Subject
SEM IV USIT401 Core Java Skill Enhancement Course
USIT402 Introduction to Embedded Systems Core Subject
USIT403 Computer Oriented Statistical Techniques Core Subject
USIT404 Software Engineering Core Subject
USIT405 Computer Graphics and Animation Core Subject
T.Y.BSc.IT SEM V USIT501 Network Security Core Subject
USIT502 ASP.NET with C# Core Subject
USIT503 Software Testing Core Subject
USIT504 Advanced Java Core Subject
USIT505 Linux admin Core Subject
SEM VI USIT601 Internet Technologies Core Subject
USIT602 Project Management Core Subject
USIT603 Data Warehousing Core Subject
USIT604 IPR and Cyber Law Elective
USIT607/USIT608 Project Report and Viva Voce Core Subject


Sr.No. Course Name Year
1 Training in Multimedia 2011-12
2 Training in VB.Net
Training in Multimedia
Training in Hardware and Networking
3 Company Recruitment Training Program 2013-14, 2014-15, 2015-16
4 Advanced Excel Programming 2015-16, 2016-17
5 Responsive Web Designing using Bootstrap4 2017-18

Student Support Facilities – such as departmental library / remedial-bridge courses, e-study material, departmental scholarships, research guidance, etc.
Departmental Library:
Department has maintained 178 different books in library.
Also, there are 14 CD’s(video Lectures) available for reference.

E-study material:
Intranet Site of department- includes Syllabus, Semester wise notes, Question Papers, Activities, Library Module, Projects and Archive Links with students forum
E-books and Video Lectures


Dr. Rajeev G. Sapre
Associate Professor (Coordinator)
M.Sc.(Maths, Comp.Sci.), MCA, M.Phil.(Maths.), Ph. D.
Mrs. Shravani S. Ketkar
Assistant Prof. (Contract) (Head Of Department)
Mrs. Aditi A. Joshi
Assistant Prof. (Contract)
Mrs. Tejashri T. Bhawe
Assistant Prof. (Contract)
M.Sc.(CS) , MCA
Mrs. Medha A. Sahasrabuddhe
Assistant Prof. (Contract)
M.Sc.(CS), SET
Mrs. Vidula K. Bhosale
Assistant Prof. (Contract)
Ms. Mrudula U. Sarpotdar
Assistant Prof. (Contract)
Mrs. Jyoti M. Yadav
Assistant Prof. (Contract)

Visiting Faculty

Staff Member
Adv. Rajashekhar Malushte
Principal, S. B. Keer Law College, Ratnagiri
Staff Member
Adv. Rohit Dev
Assi. Prof, S. B. Keer Law College, Ratnagiri
Staff Member
Mr. Amit Palkar
Incharge, BIIT, Ratnagiri
Diploma in Electrical, Graphics and Animation and in Office Automation
Staff Member
Mr. Abhijeet Bhatye
Instructor, BIIT, Ratnagiri
Staff Member
Mr. Varunraj Pandit
Assi. Prof., FAMT, Ratnagiri
Staff Member
Mr. Mukund Nerurkar
CEO, Vedico Solutions, Ratnagiri
Staff Member
Mr. Chetan Malashe
Assi. Prof., Abhyankar Kulkarni Jr. College, Ratnagiri

Non Teaching

Mr. Shubham P. Patil
Lab Assistant
12th Technical

Research publications – national/ international:

Name of Faculty Paper Title Publication Details
Mrs. S. S. Ketkar 1) Big Data: Theory, Challenges and Applications Roadmap In National Conference Preceedings and Asian Society for Scientific Research under Asian Journal of Convergence in Technology(AJCT) Vol. 2, Issue 3
Impact Factor: 2.71
ISSN: 2350-1146
2) Data Visualization and It’s Techniques
Mrs. T. T. Bhawe Current Standing Issues and way forward to BYOD In National Conference Preceedings and Asian Society for Scientific Research under Asian Journal of Convergence in Technology(AJCT) Vol. 2, Issue 3
Impact Factor: 2.71
ISSN: 2350-1146
Mrs. V. K. Bhosale 1) Current Standing Issues and way forward to BYOD
2) Healthcare based on IOT using Arduino and AD8232 heart rate monitoring chip
In National Conference Preceedings and Asian Society for Scientific Research under Asian Journal of Convergence in Technology(AJCT) Vol. 2, Issue 3
Impact Factor: 2.71
ISSN: 2350-1146
3) Business Intelligence: An Introduction and Application for Retail Industry International Paper Conference by Computer Society of India in Thakur Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai
ISBN: 978-93-84144-93-7
4) Optimized Web based system model for effective co-ordination between Industrial Sector as a part of Procurement Management National Conference on Make In India: The Road Ahead organised by MGM Institute of Management, Aurangabad.
5) Deploying Virtualization on Ubuntu using Libvirt and KVM/QEMU bare metal Hypervisor International Journal of Research and Scientific Innovation at Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Vol. 4 Issue 1
Impact Factor: 1.694
ISSN: 2321-2705

Students research:
Participation of 4 projects in “Shodhvedh- Inhouse Research Competition” in Aug. 2015
Participation of 2 students in Paper Presentation Competition at S. P. Hegshetye College, Ratnagiri on 26th Aug. 2015
Participation of 2 projects in “Avishkar State Level Research Competition” at DBJ College, Chiplun in Nov. 2015
Participation of 1 project in “Avishkar State Level Research Competition” at Dapoli in Dec. 2016

 Workshops and Seminars

Sr.No. Subject Year Photo
1 Seminar on Career Planning, Time Management and Career Opportunities in IT
-Mr. Milind Datar
(Ex. CEO, Gadre Infotech, Ratnagiri)
7th Aug. 2011
2 Seminar on Cyber Crime and Hacking-Dangers and It’s Preventions
– Mr. Sachin Daheia
(Cyber Crime Investigator and Certified Ethical Hacker)
31st Jan 2012
3 Seminar on IMS and Ethical Hacking
– Mr. Imran
(Expert in the Cloud Computing and IMS technology from SEED Infotech, Pune)
2012-13 Activity-1--3-Seminar-2012-13
4 Seminar on Employability
-Mr. Anil Agrawal
(Regional Business Manager at SEED Infotech, Pune)
18th July 2013
5 Seminar on Career Opportunities after graduation(Gateway of Carporate World)
-Prof. Vishal Wadajkar
(HOD, Department of Business Administration at MITCON Institute of Management, Pune)
10th Feb. 2014
6 Workshop on Android Apps Development
-Mr. Firzan Gulam (Ass. Prof. at Pandur College)
8th March 2015
7 Workshop on Windows OS -Mr. Amit Palkar
(In-charge, BIIT, Ratnagiri)
17th Aug. 2015
8 Seminar on Digital India
-Mr. Mhd. Shahid Peerjade
(Additional District Informatics Officer, NIC, Ratnagiri)
21st Oct. 2015
9 Seminar on “Introduction to Forensic Science”
-Mr. Swaroop Manerikar
25th Jan. 2016
10 Workshop on “Multimedia-Flash”
-Mr. Amit Palkar
(In-charge, BIIT, Ratnagiri)
28th and 29th Jun. 2016
11 Workshop on “Windows Basics”
– Mr. Amit Palkar
(In-charge, BIIT, Ratnagiri)
22nd July 2016
12 Workshop on “Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking” in collaboration with K. J. Somaiyya College, Vidyavihar, Mumbai 26th and 27th Aug. 2016
13 Workshop on “Data Connectivity in ADO.NET”
-Prof. Varunraj Pandit, FAMT, Ratnagiri
19th Jan. 2017
14 Seminar on “Career Planning in MCA” by Prof. Varunraj Pandit, FAMT, Ratnagiri for TY 2016-17
15 Seminar on “Mobile Programming Basics” by Prof. Kishor Bhosale, FAMT, Ratnagiri 2017-18 Activity-1-15-Seminar---2017-18
16 Workshop on “Responsive Web Designing using Bootstrap 4.0” by Prof. Waman Parulekar, FAMT, Ratnagiri 2017-18 Activity-1-16---Seminar---2017-18
17 Career Guidance Seminar on Career Planning with MCA” by Prof. Varunraj Pandit, FAMT, Ratnagiri 2017-18

 Wall Paper Presentation

Sr.No. Title Date
1 Computer Languages 15th August 2011
2 Social Networking 26th January 2012
3 Artificial Intelligence 15th August 2012
4 Wireless Media and Communication 26th January 2013
5 Animatronics 15th August 2013
6 Green Computing 26th January 2014
7 Digital Currency 15th August 2014
8 Social Media Marketing 26th January 2015
9 Digital India 15th August 2015
10 India’s Finest Minds 26th January 2016
11 Open Data Open Government 15th August 2016
12 Cashless Society Awareness 26th January 2017
13 Internet of Things 15th August 2017
14 Amazing Gadgets 26th January 2018

 Industrial Visit

Sr.No. Place Year Photo
1 International Institute of Information Technology and SEED Infotech , Pune 2012-13 Activity-3-SEED-PUNE-1-2012-13
2 Myshore IT Solutions, Mysore. 2013-14 Activity-3-MYSORE -2-2013-14
3 Arena Animation, Pune 2014-15 Activity-3-ARENA -PUNE-3-2014-15
4 Hinduja Global Solutions, Banglore 2015-16 Activity-3-BANGLORE-2015-16

 PowerPoint Presentation

Subjects had from any IT related topic

Sr.No. Date Participation Referee
1 13th Jan 2012 12 groups from FY, SY and TY Prof. Rajeev G. Sapre (HOD, Dept. of Mathematics, GJC, Ratnagiri)
2 8th Feb 2013 14 groups from FY, SY Mr. Mandar Joshi (Prof, FAMT, Ratnagiri)
3 11th Jan 2014 18 groups from FY, SY Prof. Kishor Bhosale (Asso. Prof., MCA Dept., FAMT, Ratnagiri)
4 29th Nov 2014 16 groups from FY, SY Prof. Varunraj Pandit (Prof., MCA Dept., FAMT, Ratnagiri)
5 3rd Dec 2015 17 groups from FY, SY Prof. Saideep Bhosale (Prof., MCA Dept., FAMT, Ratnagiri)
6 2nd Dec 2016 12 groups from FY, SY and TY Mr. Prashant Acharya (CEO, Aaryak Solutions, Ratnagiri)
7 9th Dec 2017 13 groups from FY, SY and TY Mr. Rahul Kotawadekar (Prof., MCA Dept., FAMT, Ratnagiri)

 Technowave- State Level Inter-collegiate Competition (MOU activity)

Sr.No. Date Events Participation Photo
1 23rd Jan 2016 PowerPoint and
Web development Competition
33 Students from 9 different colleges participated from Sindhudurga and Ratnagiri District. Activity-5--Technowave-1-23-Jan-2016
2 17th Dec 2016 PowerPoint, Web development, Blind Type Master and Debugger Competition 48 Students from 10 different colleges participated from Sindhudurga, Ratnagiri and Sangali Districts Activity-5--Technowave-2-17--Dec-2016
3 20th Jan 2018 PowerPoint Presentation, Web Development, One Hand Typing and Code IT 72 Students from 6 different colleges Activity-5--Technowave-3-20-Jan-2016

 Parents Meeting

Department conducts Parents meeting of every class per year.

Sr.No. Date Venue Parents of Class
1 19/01/2011 Room No. 30 SY
2 09/07/2011 Room No. 30 SY
3 16/07/2011 Room No. 19 FY
4 21/07/2012 Room No. 30 FY
5 25/07/2012 Room No. 19 SY
6 26/09/2012 Room No. 30 TY
7 21/01/2013 Room No. 30 FY
8 13/07/2013 Room No. 18 TY
9 24/08/2013 Room No. 18 FY
10 05/04/2014 Radhabai Shetye Hall SY
11 16/08/2014 J. S. Kelkar Seminar Hall FY
12 11/07/2015 J. S. Kelkar Seminar Hall TY
13 25/07/2015 J. S. Kelkar Seminar Hall FY
14 16/01/2016 J. S. Kelkar Seminar Hall SY
15 25/06/2016 J. S. Kelkar Seminar Hall TY
16 23/07/2016 J. S. Kelkar Seminar Hall FY
17 21/01/2017 J. S. Kelkar Seminar Hall SY
18 08/07/2017 J. S. Kelkar Seminar Hall TY
19 29/07/2017 J. S. Kelkar Seminar Hall FY
20 07/03/2018 J. S. Kelkar Seminar Hall SY

 Social Activity

Cyber Awareness (Year 2015-2016)27th Dec. 2015- Seminar on Digital India conducted by Chandrashekhar Phadke and Guruprasad Salvi from SYBSc IT at NSS Camp, Nirul, Ratnagiri

2nd Jan 2016 to 8th Jan 2016- “Raising Day” – Cyber Awareness Program conducted by Department of IT and Cyber Cell, Ratnagiri

Total 109 Seminars conducted in schools, Colleges and Public places, etc.

42 (FY and SY) BSc students of IT department had participated in this program under the guidance of Mr. Santosh Koli (PSI, Cyber Cell, Ratnagiri)

IT department received special felicitation as “Police Mitra” from Ratnagiri Police at Savarkar Natyagruh, Ratnagiri conducted on 12th February 2016



Cashless Society (Year 2016-2017 and 2017-2018)

As a result of Demonetization in India, Our department of Information Technology have decided to train our College students and make the society aware of the Cashless Transaction modes and usage. We grabbed the opportunity to conduct Training sessions and awareness programs regarding the same as our departmental Social Activity. We arranged such programs with two different approaches for Training volunteers and to make citizens aware of cashless transactions.

During the period of Demonetization, we have studied different modes of cashless payment. We have used and experienced advantages and problems in those payment modes. And then we made PowerPoint presentation in Regional language (Marathi). The whole program requires 2 Hours approximately including Practical and Question Answer sessions.

We have also provided a pamphlet to all students for reference and gradually improved the content. Ultimately, we have a small booklet in regional language – Marathi which we distribute during our program sessions with nominal amount of Rs. 10. Till date we have trained around 750 people. Details of all programs is as follows-





Till date we have trained around 750 people. Details of all programs is as follows-

Cashless Society Volunteers Training-

Sr.No. Date Venue Audience
1 14/12/2016 IT lab, GJC, Ratnagiri IT dept. Students, GJC (Total 22)
2 15/12/2016 IT lab, GJC, Ratnagiri NSS Students, GJC
(Total 38)
3 16/12/2016 Dr. J.S.Kelkar Seminar Hall, GJC, Ratnagiri Commerce Students, GJC (Total 44)
4 16/12/2016 Dr. J.S.Kelkar Seminar Hall, GJC, Ratnagiri Science and NCC Students, GJC
(Total 31)
5 28/12/2016 NSS Camp, Nirul NSS camp students, GJC (Total 150)
6 10/01/2017 Dr. J.S.Kelkar Seminar Hall, GJC, Ratnagiri Mathematics dept. Students, GJC (Total 86)
7 12/01/2017 Room no. 18, Main Building, GJC,Ratnagiri NCC (Army) Students (Total 23)
8 09/08/2017 IT dept. Class Room FYBSc NSS students
(Total 30)
9 10/08/2017 IT dept. Class Room FYBCom NSS Students (Total 18)

Cashless Society Awareness Program-

Sr.No. Date Venue Audience
1 26/12/2016 GJC adopted village-Nirul, Ratnagiri Villagers of Nirul(Total 18)
2 13/02/2017 Vocational Training Centre, JSW, Jaigad Fashion Designing and BPO students, VTC, JSW
(Total 27)
3 08/03/2017 Tilak Mandir Hall, Tilak Ali, Ratnagiri Members of Tilak Ali Bhagini Mandal (Total 27)
4 16/03/2017 Maharashtra Technical High School, Rajiwada, Ratnagiri Students and Teachers of Technical Highschool
(Total 47)
5 29/03/2017 Nivali Gaon, Ratnagiri Villagers from Nivali (Total 10)
6 08/07/2017 Dr. J.S.Kelkar Seminar Hall, GJC, Ratnagiri T.Y.I.T. parents
(Total 22)
7 17/09/2017 Room No 5, Main Building, Gogate Jogalekar College NCC Navy students (Total 82)
8 17/09/2017 Residents of Lokmanya Society, Tilak Aali, Ratnagiri Tilak Ali Residents
(Total 23)

Every year, Vidyasamiti is formed consisting of 1 external resource person, Co-ordinator, HOD and all staff members. Besides we also have students representative of each year. Meeting is conducted twice in a year, once in each sem. The motto is to improve the department and for the well-being of the student with respect to the industry.

Members- Dr. R. G. Sapre(Co-ordinator), All Staff members, Ms.Fatima Mulla(FY representative), Ms.Heeba Mujawar(SY representative), Shardul Ghadi(TY representative) and Prof. Kishor Bhosale(External member, Dept of MCA,FAMT, Ratngiri)

Staff Member
Mr. Parag Ashok Gogate
Clerk, RDCC Bank, Ratnagiri
Staff Member
Mr. Ketan Shrikrishna Katdare
Programmer, Aryak Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Ratnagiri
Staff Member
Mr. Akshay Panchal
Sr. Data Analyst, Datamatics Global Services Ltd., Mumbai
Staff Member
Miss. Girija Todankar
Sr. Executive, Software Testing Vodafone shared services India
Staff Member
Mr. Abhishek Sunil Shetye
Network Engineer, Wipro, Mumbai