Department of Management Studies (BMS)

Department of Management Studies (BMS)

Bachelor of Management Studies or BMS is a full-time course of three year duration. This full time three year degree programme has been introduced in several institutes of the country. The University of Mumbai launched the Bachelor of Management Studies or BMS programme from the academic year of 1999-2000. This degree programme comprises six semesters having 52 modules, 51 theory papers and 01 project. The Bachelor of Management Studies was introduced with the aim of producing trained management professionals in today`s competitive market. The course curriculum has been practically designed in order to meet the increasing demand for more number of professionally certified management executives in the global market. This degree programme is handled by experienced full-time as well as visiting faculty pulled from various service and industrial sectors.

The course structure of Bachelor of Management Studies or BMS includes an exhaustive training with the help of latest technological devices, industrial visits, and practical experience and summer placements wherever possible.

Academic year 2015-16 Mumbai University have introduced specialization in Finance, Marketing and Human Resource from Second Year.

Programmes Offered:


Mrs. Ashwini M. Deosthali
Mrs. Ashwini M. Deosthali
Head of the Department
R. G. Sawant
R. G. Sawant
Assistant Professor
M.C.M., M.P.M., M.Com., LL.B., D.B.M., G.D.C. & A.NET(HRM), NET
Mr. Swaroop Ghaisas
Mr. Swaroop L. Ghaisas
Assistant Professor
M. Com
Mr. S. Y. Joshi
Mr. Swapnil Y. Joshi
Assistant Professor
MMS (Fin.),LLB,GDC & A,SET.,MD (AM).
Staff Member
Mrs. Harshda S. Patwardhan
Assistant Professor
Ms. Shweta A. Patil
Ms. Shweta A. Patil
Assistant Professor

Lab Space(area): 480 Sq.ft

No. Of Labs: 1

1. 20 Computers
2. 1 Printer
3. LAN
4. UPS Backup

Lab Photo:

Funded Research Project Data
Title of Project Name of Principal Investigator/Co-investigator Funding Agency Period of Project Ongoing/Completed Grant Received
A Study of Participation of Deprived Class Students in Talent Search Examinations with special reference to Konkan Talent Search Examination (KTS) Shri.R.G.Sawant University of Mumbai Minor Research Project
(APD/237/142 of 2007
Date 14/01/2007)
Completed Rs. 10,000/-
Departmental Activities

Publication of in-house journal ‘’Management Avenues’’

Industrial visits (Amul milk industry, Anand; Rajarampau textile mill, Sangali,Nestle India , Goa Dairy, Goa, Gadre Marines Ratnagiri.)

 Mrs. H. S. Patwardhan

Research Area: Social issues

Research Output:
Papers Published:
1.International Level–1
2.National Level–1

 Shri. R. G. Sawant

Research Area: Commerce & Management

Research Output:
Conferences Attended & Papers Presented:
1.State Level-1
2.National Level-9
3.International Level-10

Papers Published in Journals:
1.National Level-1
2.International Level-7

Special Achievements of the student(State/National/International Level)

Participation in ECO-Fest, Goa

Participation in Management meet ‘’Ranabhumi’’Dempo college, Goa